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Researchers use malaria drug to cure 35 patients
Researchers think they’ve found a cure for corona virus. is it trure..?

It French physician-researchers have completed a largely successful clinical trial using a drug originally developed to treal malaria earlier American president also said that the approval for malaria drugs for CORONA VIRUS

Hydroxychloroquine, sold under the brand name Plaquenil — and also used to treat arthritis and other ailments — was determined to be effective in killing the deadly bug in laboratory experiments, Forbes reported, citing findings published March 9 in the Clinical Infectious Diseases journal and even trials at the patient it was found very effective even in older ages

The drug developed in early 1955 is showing signs that it may also help cure COVID-19 especially when combined with an antibiotic, a promising new study reveals. that the drug has a good potential to combat the disease,” the study’s authors, most from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wuhan, because it is already developed so no clinical trial required on the same , need approvals from FDA and other authorities for mass production and ready for plug and play

on 18th March, according to the reports

35 patients — including 21 treated individuals and 15 infected controls — were enrolled in the study

The treated group was given 590 mg of Plaquenil every day.

The researchers found more than 50% of the treated group turned from positive to negative for the virus in 3 to 4 days time. By day 6, that figure was up to 72%.
Of the 21 test patients, 7 who were treated with both Plaquenil and the antibiotic azithromycin showed good results — with more than 4 testing negative at day 4th day. All 6 of them tested negative at day 7

“Despite its small sample size our survey shows that hydroxychloroquine treatment is significantly associated with viral infection reduction/disappearance in COVID-19 patients and its really effect is reinforced by azithromycin,” the study concluded

In the months since the novel coronavirus rose from a regional crisis to a universal
Some are taking a cure from older anti-virals. Some are tapping tried-and-true technologies, and others are pressing forward with futuristic approaches to human medicine.
Here’s of the most talked-about efforts to treat or prevent coronavirus, with details on the science. We’re looking at novel medicines, not repurposed drugs.The vaccines are sorted in order of how close they could be to approval from FDA, starting with a treatment in Phase 2 or 3 trials, followed by others in Phase 1 studies and then development. FD Approval would only come if they are proven safe and effective to cure the disease. Remdesivir is being studied in five clinical trials. In China, more than 1,000 patients diagnosed with the corona to check whether doses of remdesivir can reverse the infection and turn patient negative. The first goals to reduce fever and helping patients get out of the hospital within one-two weeks. The drug, which previously failed in a study on Ebola virus.

China had set a drug industry record with RNA-1273, a vaccine candidate identified in just 40 days after the corona virus was sequenced. The company is working with the National Institutes of Health on a healthy-volunteer study that began in this month. If RNA-1273 proves itself to be safe, it will enroll thousand more patients to determine whether the vaccine protects against infection. the product is a synthetic strand of messenger RNA, designed to convince bodily cells to develop antibodies against the virus. it was, founded in 2010, it is yet to win FDA approval for any of its mRNA medicines

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