Tips & Tricks for Bridal Makeups

March 22, 2020
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March 29, 2020

Tips & Tricks for Bridal Makeups

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day but, when it comes to bridal makeup, brides are often confused about what look to go for. Particularly because there are so many factors to consider- the time, place, religion, culture of the ceremony, the season, the lighting, the dress, skin care, and so much more! Here are a few makeup tips for Indian brides that’ll bring out your inner glow at your Big day and will make you beautiful

1. Less is more what we can say : While it is a given that bridal makeup will be a little more elaborate than your regular party makeup, we understand that it’s a big occasion for you, do try to make sure that your natural beauty isn’t covered under lot of makeup or a thick layer of pancake. This will not only make you look older and will vanish your beauty, it will also reflect in the pictures and brdal folio on stage! Remember, makeup should be used to enhance, not conceal, you can go for Air Brush Makeup, the minimum makeup is used and it will cover everything which you are looking to conceal

2. Let your makeup suit the time: If you’re going in for day makeup, try using more neutral shades on your eyes such as brown, beige or even a very light pink coupled with eyeliner and mascara to enhance your eyes. On the other hand, brides whose bridal/ceremonies/receptions are scheduled for the evening would do well with bolder colors such as gold and copper or even classic smoky eyes that will add the glam glow in the makeup but make sure it will be as per the dress up as well

3. Match your makeup to your dress: Avoid jarring, bright or clashing colors, and let your makeup complement your attire, enhancing your overall look from top to bottom the style you wear is what you are comfortable to carry on stage and whole ceremonies time that is very important

4. Be conscious of your skin tone: Especially in India, brides have a tendency to equate fairness with beauty. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP. I’ve seen some stunning brides who have had dusky skin and have managed to pull it off splendidly! Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone exactly the makeup should be as per skin texture only, or is not more than two shades away- the goal is to glow, not to become fairer natural should not hide under layers, remember it is a Big Day and you should be as you will add the glam to it but not try to change it completely

Similarly, when choosing lipstick, eye shadow, and rouge colors, does keep the overall look in mind, rather than just settling for that shade of pink simply because you love it so much! It’s not what you like and what you not, choose the makeup artist very carefully and let him her do the job professionally too much interference will spoil the job, so better to sit & relax if you have confident in your makeup artist.

5. Always consult a professional: No matter how much you read up o wedding makeup, it’s always better to hire a professional bridal makeup artist to ensure that you can look your best on your wedding day. In fact, there are several bridal makeup artists who have very reasonable quotes and will make sure you achieve that perfect look you are looking for, no matter its male / female it should be expert in his or her job, you can go for HD or Air Brush makeup with the choice of makeup Brand you want to wear

You’re doing your makeup yourself or hired a makeup artist the day of your wedding, wash your face and use a light moisturizer. Whatever your routine has been now is not the time to change it overall. If you exfoliate, however, stay away from a harsh scrub and opt instead for a gentle exfoliating cleanser. If you have a blemish, dab some Visine on it but otherwise leave it alone. Your focus should be on having the clean and soft palette your makeup needs to achieve natural-looking, glam glow, beautiful skin, it does not matter what function it is bridal/ceremonies/receptions you have to look as per you skin tone, not too fare than your natural tone and as per your makeup you will carry it with your dress up.

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